Turns out the calipers on both sides of my V45 were frozen solid I have them...


Turns out the calipers on both sides of my V45 were frozen solid. I have them both off and disassembled but none of the pistons will come out. Tried air pressure many times but they aren't budging. Any suggestions? I am thinking of trying to c-clamp them in some to maybe break the bond.

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  • i took mine n took a peice of 2x4 n cut it to fit inside the piston n smaked it a few times to help free them up then used air it worked good for me

  • I'll be patient and the the Kroil do it's thing. Inlaws are over anyway....I need to get drunk.

  • The grease gun works every time. Just attach it to the bleeder screw and use a bolt to plug the hole for the brake line.

  • I had to push mine in a ways to break them free. Then shop air to blow them out, sounded like a shotgun going off. Then had to push the one piston back in a ways and clamp it in to blow the other one out

  • you can easily get them 90% of the way out while still attached to the bikes hydraulic's system, then easily pull them out the rest of the way with grips and a cloth wrapped around the pistons

  • Was gonna say marvel miracle oil... And time

  • Jason nailed it..worked on my 45's

  • I use a 1" pipe tap and thread it into the piston until the piston starts turning, then I keep turning it as i put outward pressure on it and they come right out. Then I clamp the tap in the lathe and polish the piston like a mirror. Back the piston off the tap with a piece of leather and channellocks.

  • Finally. What a pain in the ass. Lots of Kroil, lots of air, lots of swearing. Paint stick laid across the caliper to catch them and keep backpressure worked brilliantly. Thanks to everyone.

  • I usually pay off favors with beer....I am already numerous cases in the hole to the folks on this page. Hope to be able to make it up to you all some day.