Twin exhaust

Twin exhaust?

  • Shane Carpenter show him yours twin exhanst

  • That looks sick

  • Luv it Shane Shane Carpenter

  • It's bloody loud too haha

  • Any gains in power or just more cosmetic?

  • That's mint

  • power gains out of a postie only make them u reliable.. We take ours bush for 4 days doing the apex outback postie ride and try to kill them so reliability is everything .. My motor is standard think I might have gained a tiny bit but wouldn't notice it ..

  • We also race them at tea tree gully motocross club if your ever keen to come have a look

  • Stock is solid

  • I would love to see a postie bike race. Hahahah

  • Kevin O'Connor I'll keep you posted on dates for next year

  • Shane Carpenter they don't have that here in Canada

  • Agh prob not worth the drive for you Hahahahaha

  • Shane Carpenter lol. Some video footage will be sufficient

  • "try" to kill them.....witnessed you and Paul Carpenter give a fair ol 'try' LOL