• Two questions

    Two questions:

    Who has recommendations on aftermarket exhaust systems for 11' Shadow Aero 750?

    Anyone tried to cut the mufflers off and install slip-ins?

    • 2012 Shadow Phantom.

      Vance & Hines.

    • We're all the brackets included? Was it easy to install?

    • I'm sorry. The bike came like this.

      I've heard a lot of people say they're great. Just giving you an example of what's available.

      I'm would imagine they come with whatever brackets you need.

    • like mine

    • Super easy to install and they come with the bolts and gaskets.. BUT you do have to rejet your carbs so the bike dont run crappy and backfires.

    • Cool, thanks. Mine in fuel injected so I think it will adjust the mixture.

    • Ohh.. Yeah have to play with the screw but saves you money. If you want a nice rumble and noise, you can probably drill out the baffles?

    • Vance & Hines come with everything needed except new exhaust gaskets which I just used the old ones on my 96 ACE

    • Vance & Hines ShortShots

    • Vance and hines short shots

    • I love this black bike.

    • If yours is fuel injection u will need a commander for sure if u gonna go with new pipes.

    • Vance & hines short shots love it.