Two week wait before exhaust can be fabricated Installing a CREE LED for high...

Two week wait before exhaust can be fabricated. Installing a CREE LED for high beam. Bent the horn bracket and it fits perfectly. Will run through a SPDT relay with the high beam wire to the bulb. Two possible wiring configurations, have to work out which one is legal.

  • Where do i buy this CREE LED for the CT110? I been looking and no luck yet for 6 V LED.

  • Many of these cree LEDs will work between 5v to 30v

    You might be able to get away with a 12v one on a 6v system.

    Have a go!

  • Thanks highly appreciate the advise. great idea.

  • One thought I have been having though.... As we know, the headlight is fed by the regulator/rectifier. This is noticeable at idle as the light level drops and flickers. I should hope it is an irregular DC voltage rather than a bit of AC slipping through. If so, it will possibly strobe on idle if the CREE is fed from the same source. How cool would that be? I'll find out soon.

  • I installed a 12v LED tail light bulb On my 1980 Ct110 and it flickers like a strobe at low idle. once i give it some throttle it is a steady light with no strobe. works great tho.