Um something is wrong i got. 50 over piston and it to small by about 8

Um something is wrong i got .50 over piston and it to small by about 8.5mm lol

  • if you like i can do you a deal on a new bore as i import them - pm me

  • Are they the same as the one Will Spelta has Michael Oneill

  • Will what Pistons are u using and do u have stud issues

  • Sleeves don't cut into stud holes,motors aren't running yet.Might go boom or bang Joshua Adam Sligar

  • It just looks like your studs might not fit that's all, I hope it stays together mate

  • Should not be a problem with the right rings, you just have to go with the muffin top style in double oversize.

  • 49cc one..

  • Just buy a bigger piston

  • It's a postie it'll definitely run like this...

  • I asked a local mechanic, and he said that fit is normal, as the piston will expand as it heats up. No worries, ride ride ride.