UPDATE Between The VTR 1000 Forum NWS Forum and FB members raised a staggering...


UPDATE: Between The VTR 1000 Forum, NWS Forum and FB members raised a staggering amount of around £5000 in a week and were able to tax and insurance Martins wifes car for to get her around with her children and put them back on the road and the funds that had been raised in a week, were handed to Mrs Martin Leyland on the Memorial ride 28/07/2013 exactly 1 week after Martin (VEE Vtr passing) ..Extremely proud of the guys and girls who made it happen. The stickers will be going on sale of a logo of Vee with his DOB DOD on it with his infamous image of gloves boots and lid really soon. All info on this coming real soon on how to order etc.. All I could do was offer some small part in passing info to the masses and help in any way I could, and I am proud of you all for standing tall when the chips were down and especially during such economically challenging times for us all and pool our resources. It was apparently an extremely emotional time to present the family on Sunday and Martin will be sorely missed and leave a void I believe will never be filled.

The smallest amount all helped.. News on Martins Pillion: she has had 10 broken ribs, a punctured lung,a badly smashed wrist and leg and has had 2 operations this past week, one to rebuild her leg last Friday and another to rebuild her arm y'day. This info was gathered by a fellow VTR forum member. She is now thankfully out of ICU and on a normal ward and will,thank god, make a long if not agonising recovery. Our thoughts are with her at this time as she was concious throughout the whole incident. Her children were shared care 50/50 with her ex husband who is looking after them at present and someone has kindly offered to look after her dogs until she is able to cope. So at least she doesn't have that to worry about! Here is the address for the hospital for cards/flowers etc if anyone should wish to send any, please send to






L9 7AL

I am just waiting for clarification of where to send donations to exactly and order the 'Benny' stickers. I'll get back to you as soon as it is made clear. You'll have to pm for those i'm afraid as private emails will not be divulged on the forum. I have kindly asked Marcello Castellucci to pin this post as this highlights the tremendous efforts made and will give everyone a chance to post cards/flowers etc Erika and also obtain the info for ordering stickers if you don't already have that to hand. I'm trying to help as much as I can in any way,so please bear with me guys and gals. I gathered my information from all different sources to put together for all to see. Some of the guys are mega busy and do not have the time to do this when working etc. Cheers. T x

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  • My card to Erika will go out in this evenings post. I cannot begin to imagine what on earth that women must be feeling after knowing of the tragedy at the scene and trying to cope with her injuries at the same time.. In my thoughts and prayers for a full if not lengthy recovery x

  • What a shock, I'm so saddened to hear of VEE's passing whilst i was away at the Armoy road races. I had just purchased his Harris rear sets prior to my trip but never had time to fit them. I can't make the run but i will be thinking VEE, his family and friends at this sad time. I'd like to purchase some VEE stickers.

  • Aye Colin Pearson, it was a huge shock to all... Most tragic and sad..:-(