Upgraded my Grom with this awesome bulb. Test pics in comments

Upgraded my Grom with this awesome bulb. Test pics in comments.

  • Full beam

  • Need to get myself one

  • What's the wattage for hi/lo?

  • 60/55W

  • It makes a big difference and worth the money for extra safety in pitch black.

  • I had a similar light over here in the U.S., silverstar ultra I think it was called. It was nice and bright but I've been told to be careful because of it being twice the wattage draw than stock and something with the charging system being overloaded.

    Probably nothing to be worried about though

  • I've got 100w they are so much better than standard

  • a 100W in a Grom will overload the alternator and charging system and/or overheat the lense.

  • I didn't think the alternator had enough guts for a 60W bulb but maybe I was wrong http://www.hondagrom.net/forum s/12-grom-gear-accessories/301 8-headlight-bulb-h4-upgrade.ht ml

  • And probably melt the connection to the bulb I know

  • But still you recommend it?

  • No I just saying I have one

  • A LED conversion is probably best, but _I don't know if what works for US spec headlight also works for TDM/Euro spec headlight with the projector lens low beam.

  • and it works in a grom?

  • Yh gets brighter when the revs go up n the delay switching between is odd second or so but works fine

  • Phillips makes some. I picked up a set and love them.

  • Seems fine, will fined out when my battery or if runs out

  • I might try the bulb again and turn my idle up a tiny bit. It would dim a lot more than stock on idle because of the higher wattage draw.

  • I have my idle at 1800 and only dimmed a little so 1900 or 2000 should be ideal.

  • I done it yesterday too!! It's definitely the best upgrade I've done yet

  • Ditto to that

  • How much

  • I got a blue tint xenon 120% brighter for 14quid I think

  • The light runs off the alternator not the battery so it won't damage the charge system of the battery.

  • U would need a AC to DC converter for an LED light in the grom

  • Yes that is a part of the conversion kit