Very very sorry. Long story incoming but it s necessary to help diagnose

Very, very sorry. Long story incoming, but it's necessary to help diagnose. Something is wrong with the bike.


I have a couple ideas, but I wanna bounce them off some knowledgable folks before I just start throwing money and parts at the bike. 98 Aero 1100. I've had battery problems since I purchased it three years ago, but the charging system always did its job on inspecting and testing it. So last night I ride home with no drama. But when I got home my riding buddy noticed my lights were intermittently dimming at idle. It didn't do it while riding, so I brushed it off as a fluke.


Today while riding to work, I noticed the bike felt...jumpy? I guess is the best way to describe it. While cruising at 80 mph, which is what the bike loves cruising at, it was almost surging. Under consistent throttle, it would feel like it loses power for a split second. Then just pick right back up. It was a HELL of a windy day, so I chocked it up to the wind gusts hitting me.


Come to tonight, the ride home. It started doing the light flickering thing while riding at speed, not at idle, which I thought was quite peculiar. It went away a mile later so I forgot about it. Another mile later, the bike starting doing that weird power miss thing, but this time it was in sync with the lights dimming. THEN all of a sudden it back fired, the lights all flickered out, and the speedo went dead at 80 mph. It dropped to 0. I just held my throttle where it was, and a second later it backfired again and the lights were back to normal and I had normal operation. I started slowing down, and it did this less and less. When I was doing about 55 the lights dimmed, but all the other symptoms went away. I just wanted to make it home safely. Which I did.


As I was riding home on back roads after I got off the highway I was attempting to replicate the issues so I could begin diagnostics. As it turns out, I lose power the higher I am in the rev range. If the lights and speedo start going crazy, I pulled in the clutch and let off the throttle, and the lights stopped dimming and it stopped backfiring/turning on and off. As soon as I let go of the clutch, even in decel, while giving it no throttle (engine braking) the lights went crazy dimming and brightening. When I got home, the lights would not stop flickering at idle anymore. This is now a permanent symptom.


So. Long story short, the higher I rev, the more the bike wants to die. The closer to idle I am, the better the bike runs.


Question time: I think I've mentally narrowed it down to the voltage regulator. I've been having trouble starting the bike lately, even though the battery and starter are strong. Does all of this seem to point to the regulator? The battery is holding its charge fine. I checked that to rule it out.

  • No expert, sounds like the regulator. Have a HD doing the same. Some times it seems to be okay. Heat makes them do weird things. The HD has been like it for about two years! Couldn't be bothered to fix & would rather ride my Honda's anyway!

  • I can't ride it in this condition. It's too risky. I need it to be 100% reliable.

  • I agree, I've only ridden the HD local a couple of times trying to work out the problem. I haven't ridden it at all in 18 months!

  • My '99 was giving me similar symptoms, although not as extreme. Also left with a dead battery any time I stopped. Put a voltage meter on it and you'll see that at higher revs, there is less voltage available, and your motorcycle needs full voltage to run right. I changed the voltage regulator only, following a recommendation on the All Aero (DELPHI) forum (about $26 on Ebay), and everything is now working correctly.

  • Could be something as simple as a loose electrical connection. The higher revs create more vibration. Check all connections everywhere and all the electrical grounds. Electrical issues are a b***h to source.

  • I tried this. It didn't make any difference.

  • For $25, it's worth a shot. Start with the easiest/cheapest stuff first! Lol. I'll update after I get the part in and get to work on it.

  • Voltage regulator replacement may do the trick. May need to replace the stator as well. I had similar problems with my '98 Aero 1100 a couple of years back and had to replace both. It is apparently not that uncommon in these models.

  • I friggin hope not. Just because I don't want the downtime. My car was just in for servicing and I was forced to ride the bike. It's fine around town. As long as I stay under 60 mph. Weird. It'll run all day putting around town. Battery is holding its charge just fine. I don't get it. Lol. But the part is on its way. I hope I'm not hurting anything riding it as is. We will find out.