Vicki Taylor shared a link to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.


Had a go at doing some stoppies and wheelies. No wheelie school by us so had to figure it out by ourselves. Epic wheelies....NOT. Need a LOT more practice.

Only tried in 1st gear, and didn't get the wheel up very high. Stoppies were easier. Advice welcome.

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  • My main problem was not using my body weight to shift the bike. I'm no master at wheelies but I only got it up about as much as you and now I'm learning to keep it up a little longer (and getting it higher).

    At about 7-8mph, lean down and compress the forks, pulling up and leaning back in one motion when they start to rebound, drop clutch and open throttle at the same time. Pull clutch in as soon as you got it up more than last time. Eventually try to work your back brake in so you don't need the clutch to come back down :)