Victor Romero shared a link to the group: Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre/Magna). -REGULATOR-RECTIFIER-Fits-Hond a-VF700S-VF750S-VF1100S-V65-VF 1000R-SABRE-/271075058643?pt=M otorcycles_Parts_Accessories&h ash=item3f1d5523d3&vxp=mtr nda-1983-86-V65-Sabre-Magna-19 84-VF1000F-CDI-Ignitor-Spark-M odule-/171665201198

I bought and installed these Items Including 2 of the ignitor boxes. I haven't been out to ride but the charging system is putting out 14.5 volts at idle and I fired up in my close garage for about 90 sec and my garage smelled clean. Prior to that if I fired up in my open garage the smell of unburned hydrocarbons would gas me out. I am hoping that It will return to 50 mi/gal freeway mileage.

only one knock so far is that the stator regulator company sent it with 2 male connectors and has no idea what a female connector is. I know most people just solder them together. I wanted to make it original and see it packing it would dielectric grease would do for preserving that connection.

  • Thanks victor sometimes when i start mine it will drop to 0. Then as i ride it would show higher than it should. Ive replaced wiring harness and both icu's also put new boots on the carbs since two of the others were falling apart and leaking bad

  • No i havent

  • Isnt that the black thing that plugs in near thebattery

  • Im really hoping it was an icu/wiring issue

  • Curtis I don't want to bash the effort in getting it running, but those crimped joiners I just don't trust, they will eventually fail. Unlike tapping into the wiring in the trunk of your car for the trailer lights, this stuff is very exposed to the weather and will start to corrode. I would take the time to solder and heat shrink everything, not only does it look much cleaner when you are done you are confident that this area won't cause you any further problem.

  • I have replaced wiring harness and both icu boxes since this pic. This is somethin p.o. did and did not disclose

  • Stillhave to connect wiring in front bucket. Arghhh b4 i know if this helped but this had to be done

  • The pulse generator is located under the right hand side cover with the wiring harness coming out on the top back portion of the cover. You can disconnect the harness and run a ohm test on the pulse generator, following the procedure in the repair manual.

  • Wish i had a manual

  • And thank you for the location big help

  • Above are links to workshop manuals online. The last one is a pdf file that you can save and print off. I have all of the manuals on my google drive, but don't know how to share.

  • Thank you