• Video of Tyga Low Mount

    Video of Tyga Low Mount

    • Not quite sure what the the highmount tyga sounds like in real life, but how different is it


    • It definitely sounds nicer in my opinion

    • Sounds good !

    • Jack Dempsey Osborne my mates girlfriend has the high mount, but i have never heard it in person. I really wan your exhaust

    • Sounds like a small cc 4 stroke crosser proper nice tone

    • I need it

    • Sounds good

    • We have them in stock ready to go price to members with uk delivery £256.50

    • Which has the highest dB Jack this or the maggot

    • Sounds shit mate.... I think you should sell it to me for a severely reduced price

    • Jordy Byker even better price than i said

    • Jack Dempsey Osborne will you do a fly by video and a wheelie video next please budd :)?

    • That's a tough one. Might be about the same. But this sounds way nicer than the maggot

    • When it's dry

    • £400 and it's yours

    • I was thinking that love the header

    • I was thinking for like 150

    • Sounds mean

    • Bare with me whilst I go change my boxers... that was amazing!!

    • James Stanton

    • Gavin Greenall how much usd?

    • Sounds like mine

    • Sounds good Jack!