• View of the Metal Mulisha compound it s only 5 minutes from my house

    View of the Metal Mulisha compound, it's only 5 minutes from my house.

    • take the grom on it ;)

    • Is there anything stopping you taking a bike on the track there?

    • No, I rode my DRZ on it a few weeks ago, was given permission

    • aha crazy

    • Tim Hollis u going to super sunday ?

    • Yeah I'm pretty lucky

    • What is that? When and where?

    • Tudor some of the jumps here are over 200ft

    • Huge grom/ruck/scooter rally in so cal, I'll send u info one sec

    • Thanks!!

    • Big massive jumps

    • That's me trying to air out the giant pig DRZ400 on the outdoor mini truck track

    • Events all three days, more info to follow as the event gets closer

    • Lucky, wish there was somewhere fun I could mess around in near me.