• Want to lube your chain

    Want to lube your chain?

    No paddock stand?

    Try this!

    Works on most bikes, just use a piece of wood or anything to prop it up.

    Can also be used in an emergency for roadside repairs too.

    • #bikelifehacks

    • Omg I have a paddock stand but this looks way quicker

    • Christopher Turner K123 Gsxr + Msx = best combo of bikes

    • I just love anything with engine and wheels.

      Petrol head confessions lol

    • Haha same here, got a 750Y and a msx as the cheap run around, funny little thing they are

    • Just got rid of my silver beauty too :(

    • My practical vehicles

    • Fuck me... bike porn!

      Love that red rizla rep!!

    • Hahaha same but one of the previous owners got it all done and stickers lacquered over but check out the "GSVR" sticker

    • Haha didn't notice that.

      Why GSVR? LOL

    • No idea, didn't even know they made sticker like that

    • I just lean my against a fence or wall

    • I'd recommend wrapping a rubber band tightly on the brake lever for the front so It didn't get any wild ideas

    • Same here. Two SRADs, a K1300r and a Grom.

    • It's probably a fake GSXR and they didn't want to get sued for copyright infringement by Suzuki.

      It OK though, I've had many

      Yamaza N1

      Bonda FBR1000RR


      My little Bonda Gron

    • Hahaha no way! 99% of it isn't even the original 750 lol

    • I'm just taking the piss. Lol

      Yeah, never seen the red rizla rep before.

      I prefer the 750.

      Had the 1000 as in the picture but couldn't really get the power down.

      750 much better and still scary quick!

    • Haha yeah

    • Ace Froehle good idea. I usually put a brick under front wheel

    • Now thats thinking wit your dip stick jimmeh!

    • I bypassed my kickstand sensor and just tilt it up to the side the same way, drop it into first gear and lube away

    • Great job

    • What do you think of the seat m8

    • Can you do this with gold wings as well?

    • I need to get a better seat me