Wanted ASAP standard msx fuel hose Reckon I damaged the clip on mine when...


Wanted ASAP: standard msx fuel hose. Reckon I damaged the clip on mine when swapping it as it popped off in use and pissed fuel up my leg this morning.

PayPal waiting, needs shipping to Gibraltar.

%d comments
  • Ben? You got anything

  • Only oversize no standard spare x

  • Run to the dealer, part shouldn't be more the 10 bucks. And should have faster too. One good thing about these things is parts are cheap from dealer

  • 10 bucks is abit off with that guess lol

  • I was wrong, half that at 5 on line.

  • From a dealer on line

  • I will try the dealer but Gibraltar is like that place in oh brother where art thou- two weeks from anywhere

  • Did also notice big differences from uk/Europe and USA sites as above when I googled the part number!

  • Guess I can use the big bore line at least temporarily. It's only a piece of hose after all

  • Yeh we get raped on everything that before the postage and 20% vat

  • 0% vat here but they make it up in what I call 'gib tax'. Only things cheap here are fags and spirits - but there again they really are cheap.

  • Catastrophe averted! It wasn't broken I had just snapped it shut before getting it on over the retaining lip