Was just about to leave for a 4 hour ride lights on ect but bike won t start

Was just about to leave for a 4 hour ride, lights on ect but bike won't start

I haven used it much over Christmas been sitting there did a 45 min ride last nights parked it up went to start it this morning and nothing

Alarm works fine all dash lights on but pull break and start button and nothing

Could this be anything other then a flat battery ?

  • Recycle the side stand !!

  • Did it turn over and just not start?

    If so mine did this and persistence and opening the throttle paid off, it took a fair while and I shut the bike off a few times

  • Annoying how expensive and the batteries get the problems like this.Then, how to use this safely on the long journey?

  • Sounds like you should recycle the side stand.

  • Mine sat for for 2 weeks before going flat

    However 2 weeks on a modern bike isn't great

  • Have no idea what it was I charged battery and it still didn't work pulled side stand up and down and then went back to it bit later and it started

  • I left mine for a month and came back to it and it started, i have had to recycle the side stand a couple of times and not when it has not been left standing for a period, could just be crud from the road on the switch, it was the same on the FS-125 and the Pantheon too,

  • Paul was right with the side stand then. Sounds like the kill switch attached to it was sticky. Hopefully one of us will have a good investigation.

  • Give a spray of a bit off oil.

    Probably got some road dirt on it.

  • agree with stuart, side stand cut out switch covered in road crud. Clean and a squirt of wd40 or acf-50, happens on lots of bikes. The forza is too new to have battery problems.

  • I had mine left for three weeks and no problems with bike being fully alarmed to. To many stop/starts, short travel distances all add up to battery problems. But as Paul said, try moving your side stand a few times as it might be sticky and not allowing for a kill switch to return properly.

  • My sh was a ******** for this