Was riding Dirty too hard earlier. Came flying down a hill by Devils Dyke


Was riding Dirty too hard earlier... Came flying down a hill by Devils Dyke... Forgot about the mini roundabout at the bottom towards Henfield... Anchored her up and she decides to lock up... Chucked me from side to side ... Stayed on her and finished in a rather impromptu endo....

Morale of the story: need to sort out braided lines

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  • Ain't gonna make excuses... I should've been going a bit slower. Was just blasting the bike since only been ridden to work and back the last week.. Was rider error.

  • Unless you have a 4 year old bike or very high milage braided hoses ain't gonna make that much difference amd even then you would get more benefit from the fluid change, besy change ate pads or master cyclinder ratio if want a different feel to the brakes, the only question i ask when i ride a bike is can i lock the front up and whats the initial bite like as i don't like grabby brakes. Even with fitting my braided hoses this week it has jot really changed much. Owians brakes still feel firmer than mine and thats after i actually put some fluid in the res as it was pretty much empty.

    Brakes are over rated on a MSX anyway, i hardly use mine otherwise it means putting the kettle on while i wait for the speed to build back up

  • True that Leon. Brakes feel quite hard - like I need to pull lever almost alway in for them to work on front ... Rear is spongy as anything and may aswell not be there

  • Mine like that even with the braided hose (lot of lever travel), when i rode owains it was a lot less, i thought it might of been air in mine as the res was low and is at an angle after fittind the braided hoses and bleeding all the air out it's pretty much as it was before but my pads have less than 1000 miles on them so may still need a hard ragging to bed them in, i am going to look at alternative pads at a later date, see whats out there.

  • Hmmm fuck knows

  • Pads make more of a difference and cheap than braided hoses, a few years back i had brake problems on a runner 180, some italian dude up Westminster who specialised in those type bikes gave me some red pads (can't remeber what they where, they weren't shitty EBC or bendix or anything i had heard of).....they where fucking awesome though

  • Different pads could be useful - I know people run Brembo set ups but I can't see the point on the msx.. For bigger bikes yeah sure but power to weight ratio is more show than use

  • If i could get bendix MRR for the MSX thats what i would go with, the only compound they do for hte MSX is MA, for £18 i might give em a try come pad change time. I never really liked EBC HH but the ones that came on my K3 ain't too shabby, nothing compared to the Bedix MRR on the K6 but both bikes are running different calipers. (ZX10 and R1 calipers on GSXR bikes)

  • The front brake's power is already really quite good. It's the same as the considerably faster and heavier cbr250.

    The hose however, is shocking. You can literally feel it bulge between your thumb and finger.

    And the back brake is just under powered and feels wooden.

  • Yea for some reason my brakes are awesome :-) chill out the riding mate lol