Was thinking of getting rid of the fugly huge air box under the seat and stick...


Was thinking of getting rid of the fugly huge air box under the seat and stick these on the carbs. Anyone have a setup like this?

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  • For the most part it's not worth it. The area above the carbs is really small, so fitment will probably be an issue. Mucking with intake usually requires a re-jet. You have the hot air problem, which most likely will make perf worse. Unless you're going full out custom, thus want to remove all of the junk under the seat... the drawbacks are just too many.

  • What he said ^

  • Yeah I've seen the freaky looking tubes they used, that's why I don't even want to address that area lol.

  • Those tubes are connected to the carbs.

  • Well I'm thinking this, I can seal up my air box to a hard flex tube, that creates the vacuum, and clean air it needs, then I move the filter to the left side of the engine. There's no exhaust there, even the way I wanna run my rear cylinder off the left, it wouldn't affect the air going into the filter. Unless the winds really really with me lol.

  • Obviously not doing it without knowing it'll be OK lol. I'm just wishing really lol. Everything works on paper.

  • Word

  • I don't have pics of this setup on my bike anymore but i cut up a stock air box so i coukd run a foam filter i hooked to the backbone of the bike. Needed the air box so i could keep the fuel pump and stuff where it was located. Didn't notice much difference and when i repainted my bike went back to original setup. Heres a pic of the cutup air box and filter i used.

  • That's kinda what I'm thinking without the cutting. Just use the box as a chamber and seal off the top into another screen at the opening of a hard flex.

  • Then just run like a ram air to the side.

  • Use a hole saw and cut a hole in the side and put at a pvc flange with a rubber hose.

  • That'd be perfect if I could find a way go via the left. I'm really chasing the left side for cooler, cleaner air.

  • Battery on the left

  • You'd have to come out the back to go around the battery for left side exit.

  • You may have just broken it lol. I'm gonna have to check it out when I get back home and off of it lol. I rode to eat lol.

  • I have fabricated lots of stuff but I wouldn't attempt to cut my bike up for any reason.

  • I'm dying to be way different so this is a good step lol