Was warm enough yesturday to go for a ride First time i have been on a bike...


Was warm enough yesturday to go for a ride..First time i have been on a bike since the year this bike was made 1997..Took me 10 miles or so to get the feel of riding back again..Got it in January from an Individual, It's a 1100 Shadow Spirit and I really like the way it handles and rides..Glad I got it

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  • good for you David Ooley. I dont know what you had before but as you get used to that Spirit, everything will fall in place

  • Same ride, same color.

  • Thanks Richard Walker, mainly I've just had Honda's.. Didn't think I would ever ride again but I would always renew my motorcycle license just in case..It wasn't till last December when God delivered me from my alcohol addiction that my desire to live again came back..So I took that booze money and put it to good use by more then enough to make the payment on it..There are a lot of bikers that attend the church I go to so no problem finding someone to ride with..And for the last part of your comment Richard, Everything is falling into place thanks to God..Loving life and ready to ride (y)

  • Nice looking ride Tim Bradford !! Thought I was going to have to look in the shed to make sure my bike was still there..Then I remembered I didn't have the saddle bags on it,LOL...

  • Do you mind telling what you paid for it? I have a ' 99 1100, thinking if selling

  • $2,000 Thomas, K.B. was $ 1950..He put new tires, new brakes, new seals in front forks replaced wheel bearings and replaced the straight pipes with mufflers..Glad he did don't care for the loud pipes anymore..he gave them to me but i'll never use them..