Washed waxed ACF50 d. rained


Washed, waxed, ACF50'd...rained!

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  • May be worth a go at 30 odd, if not i can always sell it on, cheers buddy!

  • Black ones cheap and cheerful... And free delivery too!

  • Get it carbon fibre wrapped!

  • Aaaah, no it's not! Just checked again... But for just shy over a score..........

  • I looked into carbon wrapping at a place in sittingbourne the guy wanted 80 plus vat to wrap it

  • Just the mudguard?

  • Sh%t! ... and i want my whole bike done!

  • I looked into get my bike wrapped years ago, it was incredibly expensive, more than twice the cost of a respray, part of the reason being bikes are fiddly and much harder to wrap than cars, so the pro's don't want to do it, and price the job high, putting you off, a better option is hyro dipping,

  • Yep just the gaurd! Another option for a non permanent change is plastidip. There is a place near chartham that does rubber coated paint. Not 100% certain the brand is plasti dip yet. Im going to try and find him aftervwork today

  • Theres that fella on here that does Hydrodip as well!

  • What a find! I may do my wheels in gold just to see if it will suit

  • I thought you heard me mention on Saturday when we were discussing Joshes bike! ... That's what I'm going to use!...... And for the CBR too!

  • It didnt click till i was telling my partner about your boy having his own track bike that you meant a plasti dip type paint