We all get this don t we


We all get this, don't we?

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  • Yup lol

  • Sounds good what pipe you for on there

  • Akrapovic carbon full system

  • Had it the last two days in a row haha

  • Yes and fucking annoying

  • I had it a couple times.... Not from rastas tho

  • Aha be careful with people walking up to your bike I've seen people grab the keys, you chase them then they leave on your bike

  • All the time and Americans don't really have that problem that's how you get shot

  • Everywhere I go I get either what is it or what cc is it or I've got one look at my Grom

  • i tell the guys in work mines a 600 but it shrunk in the wash, not sure how convincing it is

  • It was raining one day and a bus driver said to me "did the rain do that?"