• Well as per the group rules I am new here so I am adding my CBR 600f4i pic

    Well, as per the group rules , I am new here so I am adding my CBR 600f4i pic.

    This is my first sportbike but not my first bike. I started on a 1986 Honda nighthawk 450 and rode it for a year (everyday to work even during winter time) and stepped up my game a bit and picked up this bad boy. All it needed was a fluid change (oil, brakes and coolant) and the chain needed to be clean and tightened. Since buying it I added an exhaust, windscreen, levers and bar ends. A fender eliminator is in the future but not I too much of a rush. But here she is...

    • Looks nice that!!!

      Love mine

    • Wow, really nice. Black looks good on that!

    • Question, what kind of tank grip is that, been wondering about getting some but most I find are universal and don't look to be CBR tank friendly, lol

    • My uk F4i

    • And after the colour change to match my old uk spec fy

    • I'm so jelly you guys got the version with centre stand lol

    • Allow me to introduce the wife. Yet to go out this year as no mot or tax. Been a little busy. Planning on the next couple of weeks. Welcome to the group

    • Was a spur of the moment eBay special as my trousers were scratching it bad!

      Only one I found actually says cbr600rr but the writing is so small I didn't mind