Well fellas I hate to say but Im quiting the Rancher game and moving onto...

Well fellas, I hate to say but Im quiting the Rancher game and moving onto Polaris. My Rancher is in bad shape as far as the tranny goes. Im trading it in for a Polaris 570. However I dont plan on leaving the group, Ill stay and manage it when I can. After all I still have the 2001 Foreman 450S.

The MSA M23 Battle Rims and 25x10x12 Silverback Xlites will be up for sale soon and if you are interested, message me. For sale, no trades. Also if yall are interested in the bumper let me know. I'm in central Florida.

  • It won't do it. Even hauling one quad.

  • That means u have to get 500 miles and more to the Tank

  • Specially stock

  • Towing I mean a trailer hook up. Not loading your bed.

    Not meaning a 4x8 trailer lol

    16ft with couple quads let me know your mpg

  • Pulling him out

  • My junk here as long stays in concrete is good, we'll not really it overheated once or twice before

  • I took that displacement on demand bullshit off. Made a huge difference and it doesn't sound like a fart going down the road with my exhaust lol

  • Fart is great example of the sound it makes.

    Real hp runs on 8 baby

  • Come to texas get yalls trucks fixed.

  • Mine ain't broke but when it does... Lol