Well got my lass back ahem and im 650 quid lighter


Well got my lass back, ahem and im £650 quid lighter..

So much for the 200 quid service...

Rides like a new un now though.

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  • what did you have done ?

  • New engine by the sounds of it lol

  • What did you have done John

  • Aye whit they do rebuild the engine and suspension

  • My last one cost me £500, but that did include full service, valves, test and a pair of pilot road 4s at £250. Short service and tests normally £150.

  • Kristian, i had a major service, with mot.

    Headstock bearings which i was told was a pig of a job.

    Pads front n back and a set of pilot 3s.

    Short fixed on back.light and a couple of spare bulbs.

  • Get a Haynes manual & do it yourself & save £hundreds.

  • Not so bad :-)

  • Must be high mileage then

  • yea mine was 500 with a new back tyer

  • Not so harsh when you factor all that mate especially tyres

    What do the class as a major service John as I'm more than happy to carry out the easy stuff but tend to stay away from the valve clearances an throttle body cleaning an balancing stuff as I've never done it an although I'm told as long as I keep the regular oil n filter changes up I shouldn't need to touch it but me being me I'm never convinced lol

  • Mine is on 54,000 miles now and when I last had work done in October ( I do oil and pads etc myself) I asked about the valve clearances... I was told to not waste my money, they very rarely need the shims changing and have to be massively out to affect running ... So I have left well alone

  • Same with me, the lad who looks after it said it a lot of work and probably won't need doing. He was right, but I just wanted to be sure.

  • Rick I am originally from Yorkshire... A Yorkshireman is a Scotsman with the generosity wrung out of him...

  • I'm a yellow belly. Lol

  • Rick I see your in gods own county too.. You will get Yorkshireman done away with throwing money about like a man with no arms

  • Included everything mate, being lazy this time, all fluids dropped, filters,everything greased and lubed.. Ge even coated the bike in ACF50 that i had left from.last winter.

    Least i know thats the consumables sorted,just unlucky it all needed doing at same time..

  • Not really pal, 14500...

  • Don't blame you John when you think a half hour job never turns out to be a half job in my experience mate let some other buggar do it lol

    Changed the front pads last week an it turned into a full caliper strip down both sides an a fluid change.....

  • Seems like an expense for a low mileage bike

  • It does, but there has been a couple of tours around Scotland, and a tour of Slovakia in.those miles By the previous owner...

    Just been unlucky having everything needed at same time, and didnt help being too lazy to do some of it myself..

    Was just a bit of a shock cos apart frim the pads. Nothing was obvious.

  • Aye the old headstock bearing is a fave with garages