• well i don t usually resort to outright bagging of businesses

    well i don't usually resort to outright bagging of businesses.

    But beware when buying Hagon's shocks through this seller :-(

    These were ordered on 15 June, and I've had nothing but run around since.

    All due to an order stuff up by the seller and Hagon's inability to polish the bastards and get them shipped.

    Apparently Hagon won't just ship a set they have, and are blaming their polishers for not doing my particular set.

    Piss poor service and no end in sight yet

    • Billy Hammill is a great racer and works with Hagon. They support our racing programs and I have found them to be top notch.

    • Not for me in this case :-(

    • Oops hit the RETURN key and I can't ever seem to remember that if I do that it will send the message. Unless you hold down the SHIFT key.

      Like that...

      At any rate, Billy told me once that If I ever had an issue to call and ask for him. I would try that. He won't be there the rest of the week though as he is racing with us in Utah.


    • I'd give that a try, Glenn. Sorry you're having such a hard time, that seems unlike them.

    • It's rather disappointing, to say the least. I have sent Hagon UK an email, but heard nothing as yet.

      I don't see why it takes months for them to polish the Stainless? They must have churned out an awful lot of shocks since my order.

    • Yeah. Some wires definitely are crossed somewhere.

    • Sorry to hear that Glenn.

    • no, if its constructive we should def. share feedback about vendors

    • Are you dealing through the UK?

    • Yes. Brooks Barn has finally said that they'll chase them "with an angry tone"......

      'bout time. lol

    • Right? Past time.

    • It gets better too....

      The other day I ordered and paid for with PayPal a Pamco ignition.

      Got message from Pamco Pete this morning saying USPS doesn't recognise my email and won't ship it!!!!!


      This is the same email linked to my PayPal account for nearly 5 years!

      So he refunded me and said sorry. lol

    • World's gone &$## stupid