Well I got out for my 2 hour ride today weather was great now feeling very...

Well I got out for my 2 hour ride today, weather was great now feeling very relaxed. Pic was taken just outside Stamford Lincs UK.

  • Chain should be no problem not sure about Sprockets. But if you get stuck let me know and I'll see if I can find it.

  • Ok thanks I'll look at cms. It's hard because it's a 1985 model

  • Mines 1999.

  • I think the 85 ones were for Europe which is why I have a problem finding bits. Some I have to get from the US which is very expensive

  • Have you tried the online breakers? Just register then name the part or parts then they get in touch with all the breaker yards in the UK to see if they can get the bits you need then email you if they find or don't find.

  • Yes I have tried that. Not many around though but I live in hope!

  • I thought you lived in Hereford.lol

  • Tim Went what cc is your Rebel?

  • It's a 250

  • A lot of parts in Germany.

  • Honda rebel cmx 450 1986