Well I got rid of the shadow Needed something bigger Went to the dealer to...

Well I got rid of the shadow. Needed something bigger. Went to the dealer to look around and came home with this. Hope I'm still welcomed here.

  • I gotta ask, how does it ride, cause I'm looking to go bigger for two up riding. The 750 Shadow does okay locally but for a longer trip something larger would be better.

  • Love it. Smooth and has plenty of get up and go.

  • Very nice ride and like the Shadow can be customized to suit your taste.

  • Brian Gay yup the first thing will be the ground pounder exhaust when I can afford it.

  • those are sweet, is that a straight bolt on, no adjustments to the motor?

  • I moved up from the 750 spirit but stayed with a Honda vtx 1300r

  • Love the color.

  • Thanks I do to

  • Brian Gay from what I read and looked at it will need to remap the ecm. But what I've seen and read that it needs to be done with any exhaust kit.

  • not bad then..

  • Sexy

  • Awesome

  • Do you have a pic of your shadow

  • I'm buying a hammer or highball next year

  • Great bikes. I want the CC eventually for some long rides I take.

  • 750?

  • Now 1300? cool

  • Rolando Rojas the 8 Ball is 1731 CC's. Almost a 1000CC's more.

  • Wow super!

  • Super hp ride safe enjoy

  • ;)

  • Rolando Rojas I try to ride safe but other driver are the problem. Had my 2014 charger less than 2 weeks and got rear ended. It goes to the shop tomorrow to get fixed. Very nice bike.

  • I know . you got lots of power to get out of trouble with the new bike

    Practice , practice

  • Love that bike

  • That's a good looking bike bro.

  • ive had a 92c 16 years - very strong bike but heavy = boughy c2b shadow !

  • How's the handling and weight feel compared to your shadow?

  • I find it balanced much better. The weight can't tell a difference at all. Much easier to straighten up from the kickstand than the shadow.