Well I have had the factory exhaust on the bike for a week now Took an...


Well I have had the factory exhaust on the bike for a week now. Took an adjustment to relearn the bike / exhaust sounds. At my stage in life I prefer the quiet exhaust note. But, if I feel like being a bad boy, half an hour and the Cobra exhaust can be back on. Nice to have the option.

Found I had a tendency to lug the motor a bit with the Cobra on just trying to go unnoticed and not annoy neighbors. Had a 6 hr run today and didn't get noise fatigue.

Next time I feel like a teenager, the noisy stuff is back on. Lol

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  • Well OK, I admit to being an old fart. Still looking for a chichy-poo so the old fart moniker on rare occasions. lol

  • Tried that and thought that's pretty dumb.

  • I like the sound of the stock exhaust too. Don't like annoying everyone else just for my own fun. Don't want to be like the kids with a trunk full of sub-woofers rattling all the windows as the go buy.

  • I was gonna message you tonite to see how it all worked out William...glad to hear you're enjoying them and got home safe!!

  • How much do you want for the cobras William? do they have removable baffles, It wouldn't take much to send them down to Kingston ON.

  • i'm all for the stock exhaust. i'd rather be stealthy than draw (possibly unwanted) attention.

  • Ear plugs for me.. I cant hear anyhow

  • Ear plugs are recommended to protect your hearing from wind noise n pressure damage

  • I tried earplugs,seemed when I put my helmet on they dislodged. I ride without heariing aids but can hear enough to have an effect. Shawn Flanagan I am not sure if I want to sell them as I have my Aero up for sale and they may be a selling point, especially up here in the north with a limited market. I will give it some thought and let you know.

  • Yes I did like the sound of the Cobras, the snarly growl especially when I cranked it. But the thrill wore off. It's an ols fart thing. lol