Well I think the LADIES cover bike idea kinda faded so I ll give em another...


Well.....I think the LADIES cover bike idea kinda faded, so, I'll give em another chance if they'd like. Post your ride ladies, for a chance at bragging rights. Your bike will be featured on the group cover for the month. Let's see em!

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  • Or one without me in it lol

  • Shadow 750...first 200 mile ride

  • 09 750

  • Congrats Stacy Lurie Raften. Your bike is the groups new cover photo!

  • Travvis Stayton...I am honored....and excited!! Thank you very much!!! My first bike, I purchased it less then a month ago....it is a 2005 with 1200 miles.....I am so lucky and thank you again for all of the great info from this group....it really helped me make my decision. Ride safe!!!