Well it didn t go very far on stocks in this hole

Well it didn't go very far on stocks in this hole

  • I have Outback STI'S & their great & economical

  • I'm supposed to go pick up a set of mud machines tmmrw

  • Wouldn't matter what tire you had. You wasn't getting through that. Lol

  • 2016?

  • Yes

  • Nice how much was it if you don't mind me asking

  • Like 7,200 with stock tires & no lift,spacers,audio,underglow,winch,winch mount, or 2 custom powder coated add ons (those not pictured)

  • Oh ok I'm looking at a 2016 420 manual 4x4 for around 5500 but o can't find white

  • My cousin went through it with his outlaw 2s on his 500 right before I hit it

  • Don't see how. Lol unless he had some big boy outlaw 2's.

  • Or 28's pay have pulled through.

  • Mine has eps, irs, dct (automatic)

  • Oh ok I don't want automatic what's eps, irs, and dct?

  • & of course 4x4. Definitely get eps. I'll never go without it again

  • Electric power steering, independent rear suspension, dual clutch transmission it's auto but has electric shift as well

  • Ok what would you recommend a solid axle?

  • I like my independent rear suspension, but it's easier to find accessories & huge lifts & stretches on a solid rear

  • That's what he has is 28s

  • Ok thanks man

  • My 29.5s would it.