Well it was going to be head build day

Well it was going to be head build day ...

... but the Vesrah kit does not have valve stem seals.

Oh well - might as well continue on the bottom end, I could fit the pistons and cylinder and fit the old cam chain to pull the new one through.

  • what kind of pistons you using

  • David silver 1.00 os

  • who makes thoes

  • I just ordered them for David silver spares uk. As us didn't ship to Aust anymore. I got the pins and clips included.

  • Okay - which way again? Larger valve cut to the front for the larger exhaust valve or larger valve cut to the back because it is stamped "in" for inlet? Mike Bova, Glenn Bryant, Paul Guglielmin?

  • Larger to inlet going by mine

  • Closed end up

  • Oh you are a great help - now, which way round?

  • Mine had an arrow

  • Okay - large valve cut to the back. Mine don't have arrows.

  • That's me done for the day. Head build next weekend.

  • Paul Guglielmin

    Don't forget the Honda bond on the lower gasket and ht permatex copper spray on the upper gasket

  • Never bothered with bond on a lower gasket yet and they have all held up without leaking. But I do run a bead of three bond on the outside edge of both sides of the top gasket.