Well its all taken apart Going to get tires today Can t wait to get back on...


Well, its all taken apart. Going to get tires today. Can't wait to get back on the road!

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  • it was only 3 more bolts and it gives me a lot more room to work.

  • What tires are you going with

  • Michelin Commander II

  • I might try those out the next go round. I'm about to get a kenda kruz k637. Working with a budget since I just bought the bike a week ago.

  • For a while i was thinking about the Pirelli Night Dragons but I'm afraid they are going to be to soft and get low miles. The Down side to the Commanders is that I have to go up a size in the back to 170 since they don't make 160s yet. Not a big deal tho. What kind of bike did you buy?

  • I'm running a 170 in the back on mine. And a 2005 shadow aero. Has 25k miles on it but I got a good price on it.

  • Nice. Yea I got a steal of a deal on mine. There is always good deals on these bikes you just need to know where to look. I was also thinking about the Metzelers but nobody around me has them in stock and they seem to be about 20 bucks more. I might get those next time.

  • Yea picked it up for 1500 and runs great. Already had Vance n Hines straightshots, a mustang seat different handle bars and grips. Only think it needed was turn signals wired up for inspection, rear tires and mirrors.

  • Nice! That has a lot of the stuff I want lol

  • Highly recommend the seat and exhaust. Exhaust sounds awesome and the seat is like sitting on a cloud