Well my cct broke You know the rest of the story Kinda sucks No noises or...


Well my cct broke. You know the rest of the story. Kinda sucks. No noises, or signs of it going bad. Not shure what to do. Fix it or part it out.. FML !!!

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  • try bazza on the vtr1000.org forum, failing that kreiger via rob on this site sells them in Europe. you can also get ape tensioners from the usa via ebay.

  • Go to www.vtr1000.org to workshop section n look it up.. I have the stopper mod on mine n had it on my old one too after mine went.. Stopper mod is just as good. There is a diagram n all info on there!!

  • On the workshop section,they have a download n it explains it all.. If you can do it yourself= fortune saved! Dave did all 4 of ours between us over yrs.. Invaluable info

  • You knew how fragile they was why didn't you fit manual ones as soon as you had the chance?

  • I feel ya pain.!...happened to me a while ago, No warning.! Just Went.!...

    Cost me just under £700 to repair.! But it's now good as new.!

  • Bazza on VTR org quick delivery very good price

  • Gunna tear it down. Order some valves. Machine the valve seats. And after my wallet stop crying. Be riding again. Oh ya some manual ccts too

  • Have sets cct available again end of the week, incl. Shipping and vat € 92,50

  • Get them from Rob .reliable service and quality.