Well sad news got the time to finally put the durablue posi lok nut on and the...

Well sad news got the time to finally put the durablue posi lok nut on and the seller on EBay gave me the old switcharue put this lok nut inside a 250R/350X box it's different it does not have the grooves needed to fit, very irritated to say the least eBay is getting worse and WORSE!

  • Hope this pic helps

  • Weeeee! Your the MAN! Sean Ridgway!!! :D I told my fiancé I needed to talk to someone who is older like me and knows what's going on with these 350Xs I've been around bikes and trikes since 8 years young and worked on them for 33 years buuuut these are new to me and you never ever stop learning... :) :) :) now I'm so HAAAAAAAPPPPY I can go and RIDE THE RED WINGED BEAST TOMORRROW THANK YOU GOD BLESS.

  • BTW I SEEN YOU RIDE WHEELIES OUT IF A DONUT! That's how I ride like you stole it!

  • Awesome, glad to help out anytime! Puts a smile on my face to know you're back up and running :-) enjoy the fruits of your labor

  • Lol, yea I do that from time to time

  • Thanks anyway Mathieu Villeneuve I think I will keep this part, thanks for your help.

  • No problème, glad that it's working for you! I cut wait to finish mine and ride it! Maybe next year if everything falls into place

  • I have a correction on the purchase price, total was 36$ shipped I see that they sell for about double :D

  • Wow, yea I paid around $80 for mine

  • It took me about 2 years to build my X and I started with just a titled Arizona frame and part by part put it together... A family friend purchased one new and as soon as he got it (about ten minutes) he let me take it for a spin I was about 14 and I wanted one ever since that day... AMAZINGLY BALANCED ATC.