Well seems according to someone on or was on this page we shouldn t joke about...


Well seems according to someone on or was on this page we shouldn't joke about Harley's sent me a Pm all about it. Good God all the cry baby lately about tired of it myself.

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  • Just have to chime in that i love the v65 sabre for long-distance. Just add Corbin seat, tall windscreen, throttle buster, highway pegs and viola - instant 6700 mile touring bike. Even did the Dragon. One of my dreams would be to complete the iron butt on a sabre.

  • Joe, I like my big Sabre for long distances. The only problem is that my ST1300 generates a lot more amps for my electrics.

  • Joe I am an hour give or take from the Dragon. Use to race an 87 Iroc Z28 tune port Camaro on it. Car was custom built pushing 1000 HP. Before that a 78 TA with a 800 HP 400 in it.

  • David, I went bare bones. Just a cell phone with a GPS on it. I sure wish I had some driving lights when that road in Texas ended unexpectedly!!! Are there solutions for a sabre like a bigger alternator?

  • John, that place is awesome! The locals on bikes blew past me like i was standing still. Helps to know the road for sure, but I value my ass almost as i value the bike!!! Lol

  • Joe Moser, the solution for me was an ST1300. Lol! Don't get me wrong, I love my Sabre but ABS, stock radial tires, an alternator that can power up a small city, and farkles for days is just sometimes a nice thing to have.

  • Yes, I must admit that last year i bought a 1996 Triumph Trophy. :-). I'm hoping someday to pick up a 2006 Triumph Tiger and ride it up to Prudhoe bay, and someday completely around Australia!

  • I Miss my Harley

  • Timothy, I rode a rental sportster once on vacation. It was cool. I'm just not a big fan of the whole loud pipe thing, personally. All my V4's except have had stock exhausts. The one that wasn't I converted to stock. Again, personal preference.

  • I had a 07 Electra. Glide the powder and comfort were amazing I had always been a gixxer. Guy before hand but Harley had to go now I have a 83 sabre project