• Well shadow enthusiast

    Well shadow enthusiast :

    How you flush and replace the coolant ?got to move the tank right? ;(( my shadow got the metal covers ;(

    • One Phillips screw in front of the tank and the cover should come off with the handlebars turned left

    • Mine is a 97. Shadow Spirit and yes you have to remove tank.

    • I don't know how necessary it is to flush, I just drained mine from the pump and refilled and filled the reserve. Make sure that you use the right coolant, type 2 or aluminum safe.

    • mines a 97, I removed the screw in front center of the tank next to the handle bars then i was able to pull the side cover off to get to the radiator cap.. was kinda hard to get the screw started again but I finally got it started..I didn't have to remove my tank.

    • How much coolant does it take ...half gallon or ?????

    • 3 litters should cover you, check the manual.

    • Mine saays .53 US......?????

    • Thank you