• Well that s the tail eliminator fitted. What a pain in the bottom to fit

    Well that's the tail eliminator fitted ! What a pain in the bottom to fit !

    • Looks good that! How much and where from mate if u don't mind me asking.

    • It's the targa eliminator and cost £60 and 20 duty when arrived , got it from hardracing.com but there is a few sellers on eBay not sure if they are UK based tho.

    • You're going to be replacing that L plate pretty soon

    • Whys that ??

    • When you hit a bump the tyre will eat it. Might not show on a dry test, but IRL the plate will flex too.

    • O well I have a few spare lmao

    • I had mine like this. Lost a l plate every day lol. I now moved it

    • Thank u.