Well thats another piece of shit 125r picked up just need to get the heap...


Well thats another piece of shit 125r picked up.. just need to get the heap outta the car.

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  • Lol need help i seem to be collecting scraperzz

  • I need help to haha

  • Pmsfl. Glad i aint the only 1

  • No your not haha

  • I've got some scraps

  • I know. Jist need to find some funds for what i want

  • Kidneys sell well on the black market

  • Out of your parts I don't suppose you have the metal luggage carrier do you? I've an RC and want to fit indicators. Thanks

  • I do il see if I can find it may need bit work

  • Ok thanks Matthew Phillips that would be good. This is mine, as you can see its missing along.

  • Hmm fender different il check tomorrow for you

  • It is a bit, I'm not sure if it's meant to be like that or modified after a crack maybe?

  • Supposed to be like that Craig Niccolls

  • I have been on the lookout for a rear fender too ☺️

  • Any parts/ bikes for sale

  • how much for headlight and bracket need for 185 xl