Well the time has come Picking this beaut up on Thursday and because of the...


Well, the time has come. Picking this beaut up on Thursday and because of the racket that is insurance the Grom will be coming off the road as of next week. Don't worry, I won't be selling it quite yet. Got far too much invested financially and emotionally.

Who knew that an eBay punt a year ago would have had such an effect on my life?

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  • Great choice with the VFR they are amazing bikes

  • Good stuff mate - reg rec is an occasional issue, high level can and a multispoke wheel from a 750fl looks great too. Have fun and enjoy lovely sound!

  • Check the collector box isnt too badly corroded or blowing as i think its a engine out job to replace

  • Previous owner has already replaced the rig rec with the new, uprated one.

    It's bone stock at the moment. Obviously it's getting a new can as soon as I get my hands on it.

  • The bike is in pretty much showroom condition as it is but I'll take a good look. Thanks.

  • Lovely jubbly :)