Well went down on my bike today Road was a little slippery coming to a stop...

Well, went down on my bike today. Road was a little slippery, coming to a stop, tail end came around and down I went. Left side mirror broke off, clutch is binding, saddle bag took a good scratch, I'm ok, not a scratch or tear on my gear. Didn't hit my noggin on anything. Slid for a bit then rolled to a stop.

  • Glad to hear you are alright!!!

  • Glad you are alright

  • Praise the Lord that you're OK!

  • Alex Saldaña I have had 2 semi major accidents in 2 years with mine. Airtime, although fun does hurt a lot. Your saddlebags aren't really bad, just buff them with some black shoe polish, they should look good again. Looks like something is definitely broken around your clutch. Parts are relatively cheap, and depending where you are, readily available. Should be up and running inside of a week.

  • I hope so. Being that I know diddly squat about bike parts. What is this called? Lol. The part that's snapped off is where the side mirror went. This is on the clutch side.

  • Alex, that's what I call a "thingie". I have the same problem obviously.

  • Glad your OK, motorcycles are replaceable you are not, hope you get it all sorted.

  • As long as your head, skin, and bones are intact, it's a good day. Glad you were not hurt.

  • Bike has been fixed. A whopping $35 lol