Went riding out tonight almost got hit by a stupid car I know visibility of...

Went riding out tonight...almost got hit by a stupid car. I know visibility of bike is poor at night, wondered if having LED lights on bike is a good idea? if it is, what type of led should I be looking for? (btw, using reflector vest).

  • I was nearly hit yesterday too. I was literally squirming so I wouldn't get hit, that's how close the fucker got. I could feel the heat from the car! HiViz vest and all the lights in the world wouldn't have made a difference cos the prick wasn't looking! If they don't see the headlight and don't hear my loud Yoshi then I don't know what else would make them notice us!

  • I think im gonna take my silencer off so those blind or deaf drivers can have a good roaring in their ears

  • I actually made contact with a Warburtons bread lorry the other morning. The cnut was in the R/H lane next to me on a roundabout, indicating to go right, then decided to straight line it and go straight on, squeezing me into the kerb and clipping my mirror as he cut me off.

  • Then the bastard has the audacity to swear at me and give me the finger when I lay on the horn. Complete prick. I should have reported him to his employers..

  • If he hit you, then you should have reported him for failure to stop to the police

  • police + employer

  • We'll, too late now.. what's done is done.