What a long winter I promised to her to fix the front fork paint if not riding...


What a long winter. I promised to her to fix the front fork paint if not riding but I failed. Anyone repainted the front forks?

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  • I stripped the old paint off and used rattle can primer and satin black paint, they came up very well

  • Tim Tim Burnett got his covered n plastic wrap

  • Yes i got mine wrapped and was really pleased with the result

  • Is that a guage where the oil cap is?

  • If we could see some pictures...then we 're all happy

  • Yes...you can get it over ebay...temperature..gauge ..i guess

  • Here's one...

  • And the other photo. The wrap is clear & matte finish. Really pleased with it

  • Great job...and good ideea

  • Razvan Sandu I've seen it and it is a great job

  • Cool. More bling i have to have .. lol

  • I bought a rattle can, paint was made up from matching the foot rests. Then I sold the bike , bought my candy red bike now.

  • Neahhhh...

  • Not very accurate since it is not a dip stick but it can give you an idea when your engine is starving for some cold air :p