What after market bars have people put on their msx

What after market bars have people put on their msx?

  • Protaper excellent job they are to

  • Do you find the bar brace blocks the speedo at all?

  • Takegawa

  • What type of top bar clamp is that?

  • Renthal Road high.

  • Rpm

  • Driven carbon CR high bend

  • Area 22 fat bars

  • No no dramas here

  • Standard clamps? Holes for switchgear location?

  • Didn't bother with drilling. Filed off the stubs on the switchgear and put a bit of electrical tape around the bar and under the switchgear to ensure there's no movement.

  • Need to remove the standard mudguard if your gunna try supermoto looks.

  • Ycf racing bars :)

  • Lol yea I know. When I did that it was last winter and the bike got splayed with all the dirt of the road hence why I put it back on lol

  • Just looks odd haha

  • Where did you get them bars from man they look insane!!

  • Protaper fatbar contour mini high

  • Fly racing mids

  • Where can you get these?

  • Ktm shop :)