What are you bobber guys using to wrap your pipes I m not going with a bobber...

What are you bobber guys using to wrap your pipes? I'm not going with a bobber look but I don't want so much chrome.

  • Just standard black exhaust wrap you buy at any parts store

  • Exhaust wrap.... OK. I just didn't know what it was called lol, looked like seatbelt webbing.

  • No worries it kind of is but after you wrap the pipes run your motorcycle for a little bit at idle. There is a powder on it that you need to soak or spray with water the exhaust heats up to adhere it to the exhaust. Use gloves. The powder will coat you hands. Not a big deal but if you don't want stuff all over your hand use a pair of throw away gloves. To hold it on under tuck your wrap at end and use a exhaust clamp to hold in place. Until exhaust bonds the wrap to pipe

  • OK, so it's heat activated. Thanks man!

  • Not a problem

  • bad video.. . so one pic. i did noot like The Black so i took "caramel"

  • Never heard of wrap like that before. The one i used was made out of like a fibreglass. Just soak it in a bucket of water which makes it stretch a bit, wrap the exhaust them run the bike. As the wrap dried it shrinks a little bit and goes real tight around the pipes. Maybe there is more than one type

  • ^^^Yes I did skip a step it does work wrapping and then spraying as well with water and run exhausted to dry good call Ryan Strong

  • I'm looking for something that looks a little more like leather but I don't see myself finding it.

  • Thank you Ryan some time thoughts move faster then what I type and I didn't type it

  • I'm definitely wrapping my exhaust though, just waiting until I either cut it or get new pipes.