• What can I do to this It s absolutely bog standard and I wanna upgrade the...

    What can I do to this ? It's absolutely bog standard and I wanna upgrade the engine and bodywork just don't know where to start

    • A grom is literally a baby mt09.

    • The rear sets power coated black would look

    • Thanks guys and sarah where do you get the bottom fairing

    • Steven Everett that's the next job

    • Thank you

    • Reece Conor Mcdonald no worries have fun

    • You could do this

    • Exhaust, tail tidy, crash bobbins, tyres, Tudor Toma gear shift mod cheep and brill

    • What's the gear shift mod ?

    • Fork oil change to heavier oil and decent tyres make a big difference to start.

    • Firstly ditch the Veeeeeery slippy Vee rubbers. Then go wild. I started on the basic suspension/frame handling. Now started on the engine

    • Change what ever you want really

    • The list is endless but the usual mods have been mentioned...

    • Wow

    • Thanks! But that's not my bike. That's my friend's bike ☺

    • That's my grom!