What do I need to make a 6 lift for my 2012 Honda Rancher 420

What do I need to make a 6" lift for my 2012 Honda Rancher 420

  • Honestly, it takes a lot more know how than some pictures and a welder. If you want it done right, as in not steering like crap, there's a bit of math involved, especially if you're arching arms.

    I hate to be a douche, but I agree with Travis.

  • Whitney with Back Porch Customz is backed up now due to a new born, but he charges $2500 plus shipping for a 6" lift using Gorilla axles all powder coated ready to bolt up.

    Building it yourself will cost you $900 in axles alone. Then you have to machine a custom drive shaft. Also have to get a machine shop to cut out ball joint plates and brackets if you want legit looking parts.

    You'll also need a pipe bender and the knowledge on using it. Will also need to know how to set up a jig to position the axles and wheels so when full weight is on them the wheels don't have a bad camber.

    Basically your first lift won't look like a professionals build. If you won't something that's looks good, rides good and doesn't break, you're better off having someone who knows what they're doing build it.

    And lastly, if you do it yourself make sure to have a "fabricator" do it. Just a. "Welder" won't cut it.

  • Sammy's answer was what I would have liked mine to have been, but I'm driving, and had to keep it short and sweet.

  • I've seen personally what my welder can do and believe he is more than just a regular welder and I understand what you guys are saying that's why I asked the questions so I can discuss it with him and see if it's something he can do

  • Plus I'm in Texas and the only quote I've had is $5000

  • You need someone with fabrication skills a welder and longer axles or $3,800 and let someone do it right.

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  • We can build u one an 4" to 10" sra lift for 3800 life time warrenty

  • thanks Thomas Delino and did ever find that hot knife u said u had

  • Nope I forgot about it