What do people think of these on the new shape

What do people think of these on the new shape!?

  • Pro taper is the way to go.

  • I have protaper on 204 just fancy something different

  • Not bad but you should leave some room to adjust the forks

  • Personally I think they look shit but each to their own .. black only if I had to

  • Anth Carroll

  • Not keen for the grom, prefer normal bars

  • Im getting this in full carbon

  • Yup Honda mini..!!

  • I like them but think the robot v2 are best for new shape all sharp and nice

  • Ihave klx 110, my friend has honda mini but I prefer mine.

  • Have you got a picture of it mate?

  • Fugly

  • No I just mean from what iv seen online

  • Get the Composimo race barz.

  • Honda mini for me

  • Look good

  • Where can i get them from mate?

  • They look really nice and i will definitely get these! Thanks alot mate

  • No problem. They are good quality. Don't buy any of that cheap stuff. It's made of cheese!!

  • Thanks mate i appreciate it!