What do people use when parking up scooter

What do people use when parking up scooter

Side stand

Centre stand

Me I prefer the centre stand.

  • Centre stand here too

  • Depends on for how long and what the wind is doing for me. 2 mins in a shop, side stand. Parked all day, always centre stand.

    Strong winds, take the car...!

  • Centre stand for me

  • Centre always unless in a mates garage as its so tight only the side will get it in

  • Since I got my forza two months ago I have not used the side stand as I just don't trust them.

    From when I had my first Honda pcx two years ago when I put it on the side stand it nearly fell over , so stuck to the centre stand ever since.

  • Had it got a side stand?

  • Yes, and it works perfectly, used it loads of times.

  • I always use the centre stand.

  • I thought that was the kick start?

  • Kick it and see if it starts.