What do u guys think of the jeans u can get now the cavlar style

What do u guys think of the jeans u can get now the cavlar style

  • Leathers for the long days textile and jeans for work and pottering around

  • Does jean w Kevlar as close to normal

    Jean? In terms of comfort?

  • So I have heard from a friend of mine

  • Quite warm too

  • Little bit £££

  • Hmmmm I think we should consider the amount of protection it gotta offer. After all normal jeans can't do much when it's time to protect you.

  • Have a look at these. They're the ones I'm going for.

    http://www.hoodjeans.co.uk/hoo d-motorcycle-jeans/k7-jean-men s-blue/

  • I see your point but if they were rubbish no one would buy them in the biking world

  • I find them great very comfortable even in the heat out here. And mine have knee and hip pads build in.

  • What make ? Martin Fisher

  • Can't think not at home to check got them from Italy sonicmoto very good guilty

  • Agreed, can't imagine buying something that can't protect u right from the start?!

  • I have 2 sets of leathers as I just bought a new set of leathers after 10 years and thought it was time to treat myself

  • Do you the first set last you for 10years?

  • Yeah mate

  • Always wiped them down after every trip

  • Ain't leather crack over long period of time?

  • Mine hadnt