• What do yall think about the older model 300 Honda fourtraxes

    What do yall think about the older model 300 Honda fourtraxes

    • Yea thats one of the ones from down this way i think its whitney's

    • O and if u ever have to rebuilt it u can do a 317 kit i think its a rancher sleeve and piston snd rings they having good luck with those too but they are allso running oil coolers on them too

    • Look up jamie watts on you youtube thats all he rides and hes built a bad ass one that bent the frame in a mud pit

    • That was the one that bent the frame i heard he had 4 thousand in just the motor it was a 455cc are 477cc strocker motor he had to run raceing fuel cause of the compression

    • And thats 31 wide on it in that pic he had 29.5 ol2 wide 32.5 ol2s 31s

    • This is mine. And that is Jamie Watts old bike. It was a 477cc stroker with a 4-valve head. He cracked the case in mud riding a can-am. He was running 32" silverbacks when it happened.

    • The 477cc stroker motor is for sale for $2000

    • Alex yea ik he lives like 15 min from me we ride together sometimes when he isnt working but cant say where

    • One of the best, if not the best, bikes Honda has ever made... We own one and wouldn't trade nor sale it for nothin in the world! My 7 yr old son drives it and he can out ride most grown men on 1000cc bikes. JS