What do you guys and gals use to secure your bikes when you go into town or...

What do you guys and gals use to secure your bikes when you go into town or where ever? I dont think the disk lock that I use on my other bikes will be much use

  • This and my alarm that's fitted to the bike

  • If I'm leaving it for an extended period I take a 16mm English chain and lock and chain it to an immovable object

  • D lock through the front wheel and a chain through the back to tie it to something

  • Oxford alarm right? I had this too but it broke down with rain. And so did the replacement. Apparently they are not made for UK and Portugal weather...

  • I've had this out in the rain for a while when at work haven't had a problem with it ?

  • Hope it keeps working ok for you! My dealer was returning them "in bulk". Maybe it was a defective batch.

  • Karl JB is that going through the swing arm gap by the exhaust? what size is the chain? 16mm?

  • Yes on both counts!

  • stunning, didn't realise the 16mm would fit through the swingarm gap

  • Karl JB Thanks mate :)

  • 2 disc locks and d lock

  • This chain and padlock, wrapped around something immovable. 13mm is a balance between a deterrent and practicality of carrying it and other stuff with me on the bike. the 16mm was simply too heavy for carting around I found.

    http://securityforbikes.com/pr oddetail.php?prod=P13-x.x-SS50 CS

  • Cheers everybody. I'm going to go to town after work tomorrow and buy a chain

  • I emailed almax and they said the same thing. 13mm to carry and 16mm+ for home use